Health Care Directives

Attorney for Healthcare Directives

As your trusted contract lawyer in the Bellevue and Eastside area for over 20 years, Jeanette Bowers Weaver offers specialized, personal and caring attention when it comes to important healthcare directives for you and your loved ones.  Whether you do not yet have your healthcare directives established, or your directives need updating to consider current circumstances relating to use of ventilators and respirators while cognitive function is still intact, Jeanette is here to offer counsel and professional guidance in getting these crucial directives in place.

From experiencing first-hand the need for these directives when her mother suffered from accurate pneumonia years back and was in need of a respirator to make a full recovery, Jeanette is extremely dedicated and sensitive to the cause. She returned to her law practice determined to change the way her clients consider Advance Directives through the use of a detailed, personalized questionnaire.   She is committed to working quickly with clients to complete preparation of their personalized Advance Directives for a flat fee, with sensitivity to the current times.

Jeanette offers personalized preparation of:

  • Advance Directives
  • Living Wills
  • DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Orders
  • POLST (Physician’s Order on Life Sustaining Treatment)
  • Other Healthcare Directives

As another important note: it is always important to be wary of free pre-printed documents you may encounter at hospitals, from doctors, and online.  Often such forms are generally overly broad.  These documents should not be “one size fits all.” Guidance of a caring and experienced professional is important when navigating these directives.  Please email Jeanette at for more information or to get started today.